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Capture Your Story

Looking for a memorable Father's Day present?
This year, give your father a gift that will last for generations.

Crafting Your Cinematic Memoir

Legacy isn’t simply a reflection, at the end of life.  Legacy is something we build, each and every day, and it starts the day we are born.


Everyone has wisdom to impart.  Unique perspectives and insights, born from success and from failure, that have taken a lifetime to learn.

We want to pass on more than possessions.  We want to pass on life lessons, so our children can stand on our shoulders and live their best lives.  

Family Photo Album

Impart Life Lessons to Future Generations

A legacy film is a process of gathering your family story, your most priceless generational heirlooms, and organizing them in one place.

We’ve all heard that age old question: 

What do you wish you knew when you were younger?

The best gift we can give our children, and their children, are the answers to those questions.


Legacy.  Let's pass it on. 

Why Make a Legacy Film?

Digitize and Share Family Photos

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Photo albums and home videos collect dust, while families move across the country and no longer have access to these priceless memories.

Chronicle Your Family's History 

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Our stories are part of the living history and fabric of our country.  These stories will be lost if they aren't preserved for future generations.

Impart Your Life Lessons

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When we get together for special occasions, we often talk about work or the next vacation, but we rarely talk about important stories and life lessons.

Video Speaks to the Next Generation

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People often say “you should write a book”, but books contain only words.   A film captures your personality and love, woven with pictures and videos.

A Few Examples of our Films

Legacy Films
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Legacy Films Overview

Legacy Films Overview

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Roshan Wijerama Legacy Film teaser

Roshan Wijerama Legacy Film teaser

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Richard Gordon Legacy Film

Richard Gordon Legacy Film

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A Conversation with Vice President Walter Mondale

A Conversation with Vice President Walter Mondale

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Which Legacy Package is Right for You?


Chronicle Package



Heritage Package


Legacy Package


In the Words of Our Clients

“This is something we have talked about doing for years, but without guidance, who knows if we would have ever done it?  We aren't very tech savvy, and we wouldn't have known where to start, getting all of our photos and old family videos digitized.”

Anita Green

“This was an amazing process, led by a truly professional team.  Now, my parents have told their story about how they made it to America, and future generations will understand the opportunities that have been given to them.”

Jim Banks

“The legacy team made the process meaningful, and also very enjoyable, from the beginning to the end of the process.  They were patient every step of the way, and helped us find our story.  They drew out stories and emotions that we didn't know were there.”

Patrick Sullivan

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